Northern Caucasus Resorts, rebranding


The highest ski slopes in Europe rediscovering culture and traditions of the Caucasus to the Russians.

Montpensier, branding


Developed a brand, name and visual identity for modern shopping mall.

Volga Volga shared the experience of creating an annual reports.


Rating agency "Expert RA" organized XI Annual Conference "Annual report: the experience of leaders and the new standards". Dmitry Akhmedov, client service director of Volga Volga delivered a speech on this event.

In his presentation, "Experiments with the design of the annual report: should we be different or our goal is to reach a "good" level?" Dmitry spoke about modern trend – conversion of the annual report from formal document of the financial statements into a effective communication tool.

The conference was attended by leaders in the development, promotion and application of annual reports – the investors, consultants, and representatives of international organizations – the developers of the new standards of corporate reporting.



"Rosenergoatom" Annual Report became a five-time winner of the MarCom Awards


"Rosenergoatom" Annual Report, released by Volga Volga, took two "gold" medals in the category "Annual Report" and "Annual Report of the corporation", became "platinum" winner in the "Annual Report on corporate social responsibility" and also received awards for the texts quality and interactive version.

MarCom Awards 2014 was attended by about 6500 projects 500 companies from 15 countries, the international recognition of the "Rosenergoatom" Annual Report, as an effective tool of communication – is an important achievement for the Group and whole Russian nuclear industry.

Congratulations on victory!

MNITI, corporate identity


Updated the logo and developed a system of unified corporate identity for one of the leading enterprises in the television industry in Russia.

FC Zenit, The brand strategy and brandbook adaptation


Two-year term expired in our confidential contracts for the FC Zenit the end of 2012.

Volga Volga participate in the Expert RA jury.


Dmitry Akhmedov participated in Expert RA’s commission meeting, which defined the best Annual reports of 2013 year in category "Design & Printing".

Directors of leading design and branding companies gathered in the Moscow office of the rating agency 29th October. 30 annual reports were evaluated by the presence of design concept, infographics, layout and polygraphic execution. The results of jury’s work will be presented at the awards ceremony 12th November in Moscow.

Expert RA is #1 Russian rating agency working on a global scale, incorporated in 1997 by Expert magazine. Expert RA is a true market leader in ratings and survey-communication activity.
By now the Agency assigned about 800 individual ratings. Expert RA is the largest rating agency in Russia and CIS, it tops the list of other Russian and foreign agencies by a number of ratings assigned to banks and companies in CIS countries. Expert RA is the first (36%) at the market of legal entity credit risks, the first at the bank rating market; the first (85%) at the market of credibility ratings, assigned to Russian insurance companies in Russia.



Territorial branding "Verhniya Torgovaya"


Create a brand for a historical quarter of Ufa.

Rosenergoatom, annual report 2013


Released annual report for the operator of nuclear power plants in Russia.

More branding


Create new brand and visual identity for modern standard of affordable housing.

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