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Promotion of the City of St. Petersburg as a tourist center the advertising campaign


According to studies, middle-aged European tourists have very little information about Russia in general and St. Petersburg in particular. Russia is perceived as cold wild country with oil, vodka, a lot of money, where European tourists waiting for danger and “bears on the streets.” Such stereotypes reduce the number of those wishing to visit St. Petersburg. 

Objective: to develop an advertising campaign that would change the prejudices of European tourists on St. Petersburg as a “wild” Russian city. 
The proposed solution — does not try to persuade the Europeans, but play on their stereotypes: “You expect to see our bears? Here they are!” Advertising concept designed to deliberately exaggerated, ironic way. Bears in advertising attracts the viewer's attention to the city's beauty and places of interest. No bears, just beauty, or Welcome to St. Petersburg! 

The campaign took place in two stages: 

  1. Outdoor in major European cities — Amsterdam, London, Paris, Frankfurt, etc.
  2. Broadcast TV commercials on CNN and Euronews.

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