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BFA and PSB UK, rebranding


In 2007, the St. Petersburg market leader – the management company Promstroуbank (MC PSB) – has joined the group of BFA (Baltic Financial Agency) and was renamed the MC BFA. Business strategy of the group is promotion of innovative retail products and a shift towards unified customer service centers. Objective: To refresh the brand of the BFA group of companies; to develop a communications strategy and a series of advertising campaigns. To develop a strategy for the rebranding of the UK PSB, which would bring to existing customers of MC PSB the benefits of the merger with BFA group of companies. Solution: The rebranding was carried out jointly with the Moscow partner, Practica Agency. The strategy of the new brand is based on the idea of ​​a fundamentally new approach to the use of conventional financial instruments: today high quality investment depends on the methodically daily work on capital increase. The slogan, translating the idea is "Everyday life of millions". Designed logo is made more modern and "premium", the circle symbolizes the coin, the image is used in advertising and representational materials. In the basis of all brand communications was laid general principle: all activities of the company are determined by objective laws of money’ existence, and this is the secret of the effectiveness of BFA solutions.

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