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Serebrjanaya Podkova, advertising campaign in 2010


In the village of  “Serebrjanaya Podkova” half of the plots is sold out. Sales are complicated by a general decline in demand for suburban real estate and a growing number of competitive bids. 

The basis of communication for the campaign was formulated by the client: “Serebrjanaya Podkova” — a place where there is everything to realize the dream of the perfect home. The main objective of the advertising campaign — to help the future residents to imagine the village cottage outside Moscow against the backdrop of nature, give a picture of unique landscape and the landscape of the area, to move from product sales to selling a lifestyle. 
 The idea of ​​an advertising campaign translates the unique advantages of the village, through a demonstration of the opportunities offered to its residents. Outdoor advertising is designed to attract consumers' attention and make them go to a site where a fully disclosed relationship benefits the consumer with the actual properties of the village.   

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