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Aurinko, advertising campaign


Aurinko Matkat, a subsidiary of Finnair – the leader of tourism business in Finland. In the process of development the company absorbed the second largest Finnish tour operator and realized the rebranding during the summer 2011: the name was reduced to Aurinko, there was conducted a redesign of visual brand attributes. Aurinko in Finnish means "the sun". Developing presence in international markets, Aurinko purchases a well-known St. Petersburg company "Calypso – World Travel", and goes to the Russian market in the autumn of 2011. The advertising campaign is designed to acquaint the Russian consumer with the character and values ​​of the brand Aurinko, as well as to ensure its awareness among the target audience. The idea of ​​an advertising campaign: "Resting with Aurinko, you will meet the European quality of services, which needs no translation". In the mock-ups, it was embodied in a series of lines, which use simple English words, related to quality and service – as an illustration of the European level of service of tour operator. The proposed solution along with the slogan "We understand Russian, working Europeanly", helped to create a clear message, stands out from the rest of the market participants.

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