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Starlink, rebranding


The company was founded in 1996, started with building of network between two houses in Bibirevo. After several years of net enthusiasts Starlink shaped in a full Internet service provider, then to the operator. Situation: broadband market is saturated and continues to become stronger. In recent years, replaced by advanced Internet users reached ordinary people, little versed in the technical features of the service. With gradually declining revenue per subscriber, players have to expand its subscriber base and look for new paid services demanded by consumers. Objective: adjust the positioning of the Starlink brand given the market situation and the benefits provided by the service provider, to update the concept of a unified visual image and to develop creative strategies to promote the brand. Solution: all steps, taken by the Starlink, are focused on making the clients’ lives more comfortable. Services of the Starlink are not a set of technologies, but above all, perfect service, simplicity and openness of the proposed solutions.

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