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HONKANOVA Concept Residence, branding


Honka is the world leader in log homes, launches a new project - a modern countryside village in the prestigious suburb of St. Petersburg, 300 meters from the Gulf of Finland. The complex infrastructure is focused on a year-round residence, which together with the location, construction materials used, planning and technology solutions, gives the suburban real estate a status of premium class object. To promote the project, which is designed for 4 years, it was necessary to develop a brand platform, the name, the concept of communications and corporate identity.

The idea of the brand, based on the actual properties of the project (the unique nature of a popular area with prestigious leisure infrastructure, closeness to the city), is formulated as a "source of energy and fresh ideas". The name reflects the connection with the parent brand and transmits the idea of renewal, excellence of suburban life, laid in the positioning. The logo, designed in minimalistic graphics, symbolizing the idea of organic architecture, the house as a natural extension of the environment. The first stage of the communication concept introduces the project, pointing to its location in the prestigious village Solnechnoe.

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