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Pobedy street, Building # 5: brand identity, advertising campaign


Pobedy, 5 is the first landmark project of the new developer Legenda Intelligent Development to join the market premium real estate. This unique offering is the only modern "Stalinka" building in St. Petersburg. The house, designed by the architect Gerasimov in Stalin's empire style, gives connoisseurs a rare opportunity to live in a space with modern engineering equipment, and still have the classic look of the imperial house of the great era. Objective: To develop the concept of a unified visual image and the advertising idea, representing a house as a unique real estate object, focused on the "fans of Stalin’ architecture and Moscovsky prospect." Solution: The name - "Pobedy, 5" (meaning “Victory”) contains a strong associative line, sets the tone for communications and combines with the architectural style of the house. One of these associations - the Roman goddess Victoria, bringing victory. Her classic image was the basis of the mark and became a key visual element of the campaign. Fonts, the motto in Latin, and the background of the Latin names of Roman scored the victors, form an image of the prestigious homes and reveal the nature of its architectural style. Careful study of the elements and the image shows attention to detail, which is an important characteristic of the entire project.

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