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Сherehapa, branding


The development of e-commerce and technology for self-service customers set the stage for the emergence of new online service selling insurance policies. Comfortable and modern, it is possible to make and buy a policy in a few minutes. cherehapa is online-service for purchase travel insurance. It provides an easy way for people to compare and choose the best insurance conditions for foreign travel from the major insurance companies. Buying a policy becomes a part of pleasant cares while preparation for the trip, and does not take extra time and money. Customers can have everything as simple as possible: view, select and print out the policy, and go on a journey for new emotions and impressions. The brand character Cherehapa combines a love of life, mobility and protection. It is the absolutely opposite of the usual turtle. Cherehapa is mobile, active and energetic, like you. Loves life in all its manifestations, opens a new and always willing to try to "taste" the other cities, countries, islands and continents. Just to cherehapа their insurance on, and go!

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