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TKACHI, System of wayfinding


TKACHI smart space opened in 2012 in a brick building on the former spinning mill. Multipurpose center is formed on the basis of the art-cluster. Five floors are offices, designer shops and showrooms, cafes, as well as the place for the city-wide, local and international cultural events, exhibitions, festivals, concerts, conferences, forums, workshops, fashion shows, film screenings, performances and installations. Task:
Develop a convenient and usability system of wayfinding Solution:
The basis of the navigation system formed the principle of modularity and color-coded levels, provided the architectural concept. Signs on the doors of the tenants and modules information schemes have a square shape but different sizes. Small info-iсons allowed to gather compact navigation schemes in the halls and floors at the reception. In this case, the larger plates are clearly visible logos shops on first floor and levels numbers. The information can be easy updated on the each separate icon tile by reason of its modular structure, as the new tenants come, without requiring the replacement of the all information panel matrix. In addition, the panels can easily be transformed to accommodate optimally on different surfaces.

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