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Montferrand, branding


Objective: To develop a name, logo, corporate identity and the idea of promoting of the high-end property in the historic center of St. Petersburg. New home we called Montferrand - in honor of the architect Auguste de Montferrand whose name is forever linked to St. Isaac's Cathedral, Alexander Column, the solemn architecture of the golden age of the Russian Empire. Name highlights the uniqueness of the location of the house in the heart of St. Petersburg in the first quarter of its very central - close to the Senate and Synod, the Bronze Horseman, Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Palace Square. The logo reflects the main advantages of the object - specific characteristics and location. The sign consists of a stylized view of the dome of St. Isaac's Cathedral over the treetops of the Konnogvardeysky Avenue. Green colour is associated with a noble patina copper bas-reliefs and statues of St.Isaac’s Cathedral. Gold - the classic color of imperial St. Petersburg. Color solution has attributed the visual image with necessary nobility and aristocracy, and also helped to dissociate from other offerings in the premium class residential property market segment. The basis of advertising communication has become an images of urban sites of global significance with a direct indication of their close proximity within walking distance. This technique allows to transfer the renommee and fame, historical and cultural significance of these objects to a new brand, increasing its value in the eyes of the audience.

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