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Novatek, Annual Report 2012


Solution Through the metaphor of a continuous stream of energy (natural gas), to convey the idea of reliable, uninterrupted supply of hydrocarbons. Execution Three blue stripes visually linking a front pages of all sections, continuously run through the entire list. They are formed as a graphical rhyme to the lines of the logo. And perform several features: a) as a symbol convey the idea of the continuity of gas stream; b) the function of additional style elements; and c) provide the framework for the author's illustrations that reveal the theme of the section. In addition, the markers on the fields formed by lines, consistently painted in blue, make more easy the navigation of the report. Lightweight and conceptual graphic style captures the spirit of enterprise and freedom that characterizes the Novatek, like independent producer. Notice: Novatek is Russia's largest independent producer of natural gas, the second largest producer in Russia in 2012 according to the State Enterprise "CDU TEK". Is engaged in the exploration, production, processing and marketing of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons with many years of experience in the Russian oil and gas industry. In 2012, the company's share accounted for about 9% of Russia's natural gas production and more than 16% of Russian gas supplies.

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