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General Satellite, rebranding


For 20 years – from the manufacturer of satellite antennas to multi-sectorial international holding. In a new sign to replace a particular image came simple and multi-valued symbol. Its versatility and iconicity form that is easily scalable, create the necessary capacity to use of the umbrella logo by all parts of the holding. Becoming a modern and easy, graphical solution looks logical and continuity by maintaining the color and general design ideas. Typography meets the plastic of a sign. Rising diagonal declares growth and new perspectives. The visual appearance emphasizes: it is no longer a company known for satellite dishes and high-tech innovative business with a global presence. "The key objective of the project was to create an umbrella brand structure for the GS Group holding, which includes brands in the consumer sector , industrial and investment projects, territorial development and other projects, as well as the elaboration of their single visual communication system.

Comprehensive work has been done, which allowed brands to create a structure that can grow under the high dynamics of growth and diversification of businesses of the GS Group.

The project team has also successfully developed a key visual elements of the new corporate identity of the holding and its brands, which became the basis for all further work on creation of brand book."

Andrey Bezrukov,
Director of Strategic Marketing
of GS Group About the GS Group
GS Group – multi-sectorial private international high-tech holding company with Russian origin. GS Group sells worldwide a wide range of industrial and investment projects in various industries. The total number of subscribers using the receiver equipment developed and produced GS Group, is more than 12 million people. Key directions of GS Group development: technological and investment participation in major broadcast projects in Russia and abroad; development and manufacture of electronics for various purposes; development and investment in a number of innovative development projects territories in North-West Russia.

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