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Aksolit, branding


Brand launch of gypsum construction materials. Taking the idea of a combination of western approaches and technologies with local resources , we have created a complete brand package for Aksolit - gypsum construction materials, which included naming and development of a single concept of design of the packaging line, marketing materials and sales locations, environmental solutions and navigation system in the factory as well as site and advertising media. The industrial complex Aksolit, located in the ecologically clean Kama- Ustinskaya region of Tatarstan, was inaugurated in June 2013 with the participation of the President of the Republic . The complex consists of an underground mine, limestone quarry, own gas powered station, research laboratories , lines for the production of crushed gypsum and gypsum building materials. The main feature of Aksolit products - high stability of the material - is achieved through the unique mineral composition of gypsum , a high degree of automation and minimal human factor influence on the production process . The Company's range now includes dry mix gypsum- based plasterboard and cam plate. The planned production volume of 2.2 billion rubles a year. The company provides full production cycle, from mining outfit, processing of raw materials and the production of gypsum building materials to packaging and shipment of finished products.

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