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IQ Gatchina, branding


The pilot project of a new urban environment quality in the St. Pete’s suburb. Lenstroytrest introduces a new development project that will change the mind about housing comfort class. Over 7 years in Gatchina entity intends to sell 138,000 square meters of real estate, building a neighborhood in an area ofabout 50 hectares. Such area and volume configuration of the development allows the design environment in which the quality of life significantly higher than currently available in the mass market. It's a marketing context. From the standpoint of concept, IQ Gatchina embodies the modern views on residential architecture and urbanism, at the origins of which 50 years ago was Jane Jacobs, and is based on the idea of individuality of man, diversity and dynamism. The project works Swedish architectural firm Tovatt Architects. Task of Volga Volga became complex development of the new brand. It included clarification of the target audience, build brand platform, creating a name, logo and visual identity system of new place IQ-Gatchina. "Gorod buduchego" (City of the future) – not a futuristic utopia, but a well thought and modern environment where everything is provided for a comfortable life: infrastructure, space, aesthetic and functional solutions. Location, combining a great historical heritage and a significant potential to develop, make Gatchina in the coming years promising and popular destinations. IQ Gatchina is conceived as a source of transformations and changes the whole representations comfortable suburb environment for residents. Prospective customers, of which the share inhabitants of megapolis St. Petersburg will be up to 70%, filling the new place with energy and bring their contribution to the creation of a harmonious environment – in effect, to crowd people and activities together in a jumping, joyous urban jumble.

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