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BFA Bank rebranding


Value of personality as the key principle of banking customers service. BFA Bank is well known in St. Petersburg and Moscow by successful work in corporate finance. New strategic milestone is a development universal bank by expanding activities, including in the retail segment. In this case we needed to focus and intensify the brand to create a strong emotional promise, able to attract a broad customer audience and to build the trust. 20-years experience of working with corporate clients in conjunction with high-level IT-system (for example, its own processing center) creates a good opportunities for the bank. However, to date lack of activity on the mass market reduces the loyalty of private clients. The new brand is based on reputation and values of the corporate experience. To spread own key identity on its retail and creating unique tone of communication, it makes a bank’ language convincing and attractive. In the Russian retail finance market where often used pathos or noisy and infantile-game style of communication, BFA Bank is focused on respectful and full of arguments language, telling about customers service benefits. Brand based on respect for the individual, inherited from the corporate business, as well as modern technological solutions and banking products, must give people the confidence in the future that they deserve. Denis Gumerov, Chairman of the Board of BFA Bank:
Banking market is moving away from price competition to compete on quality of provided service. Following the market trends, BFA Bank aims to build tech bank with a competitive product line and a decent level of personal service for private clients. BFA Bank – a universal commercial bank founded in 1993. By the end of 2013 is one of the most rapidly developing Russian credit institutions (17th place on the growth of assets); 4th place among banks of St. Petersburg;  89.2 billion rubles, net assets of 10.4 billion rubles, the value of equity, 4 offices in St. Petersburg and a branch in Moscow. The Bank has an international credit rating “B” from Standard & Poor’s, and rating «A +» from RA Expert.

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