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Ivangorod fortress, branding


Russian character is incarnated in the new brand developed by Volga Volga to fulfill the potential of tourist destination. At the heart of the brand Ivangorod is the idea of belonging to the heritage of the nation. It’s confirmed by historical authenticity and monumental ensemble of fortifications, creating a sense of respect for the ancient architects and giving the opportunity to feel the connection with the past. Visual identity system is based on the form of unique russian banner – stjag. Stjag is the combat flag in the ancient Russia, that could be clearly -seen from a battlefield. It was used as refer to muster the squad. Various forms of the stjag’s ends of is the distinguisher of the Russian flag and so it reflects the essence of the brand visually. On the example of the Gunpowder Small Barn the logic and structure of the interaction of the basic and context system elements was developed. Ivangorod fortress was built in 1492 by Ivan III and became the western outpost of the young Russian state. Ivangorod was named in honor of the fortification. Ivangorod and Narva fortresses stand at a distance of an arrow's flight, as nowhere else in the world. Separated by a river, they are an impressive monument of an architecture and history. Reference:
This investment project is aimed at increasing the attractiveness and competitiveness of the border region through the development of a unique frontier fortresses ensemble of Narva and Ivangorod as a single cultural and tourist sites. Narva Urban Development Department of Economics and is the lead partner of the project. From the Russian side the State Budget Institution of Culture "Museum Agency Leningrad Oblast" manages the project.

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