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Eshe, branding


Life full of impressions and comfort has found its expression in the new brand, developed by Volga Volga. New ambitious player on the real estate market offers a modern standard of affordable housing. For the buyers this is an opportunity to get more meters for the same money, what means more space for living. Task of Volga Volga was to develop a brand that will accurately and emotionally reveal the advantages of this proposal. The brand name speaks about vitality and well-being. "ESHE" is “MORE” on russian. This word is call to action and at the same time - indication of the open opportunities. Logo of the brand symbolizes buildings, assembled in the word "ESHE". Set of brand icons and graphical method - extension letters, conveys the idea of empowerment. Due to the bright and persuasive communication brand forms the desired positioning – modern standard of affordable housing, designed for people who do not rest on laurels and always ready to get more!

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