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Rosenergoatom, annual report 2013


А key theme for the report, as before, remains the safe operation of nuclear power plants. Sections titels lists reveal the subject in a popular science manner - using comparative illustrations for the key performance indicators that reflect the scope and achievements of the nuclear power industry. During the reporting period, according to representatives of the group, have become a key challenge to work on the development and implementation of technologies for the rehabilitation resource characteristics of the RBMK reactors, first successfully implemented in the framework of R&D at Unit №1 of Leningrad NPP. This case features a separate thematic section. Optimistic color palette of the report outline icons, and illustrations make the publication easy to read and informative. This image resonates with meaningful and responsible approach to the work, which is characteristic for all levels and divisions of the Rosenergoatom. This report was first performed according to the G4 (basic) version of the relevant management GRI (Global Reporting Initiative). In preparing the report more attention paid to the principle of materiality, will highlight the current trends of the Group and to focus on the disclosure of information, the most relevant to stakeholders.

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