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"Verhniya Torgovaya" quarter of new impressions, branding


Character of Ufa city embodied in a brand created by Volga Volga to the historic quarter. The capital of Bashkiria, located between Europe and Asia and second in the ranking of Russian cities in terms of comfort, in 2015 Ufa will host SCO and BRICS summits. But development of the city is complicated by the lack of modern public spaces. New Quarter "Verhniya Torgovaya" (Upper Market) aims to solve this problem and improve quality of Ufa urban environment. Verhniya Torgovaya – historical name of the area, where city Merchant Yard was build, it was a place for fairs and folk festivals. The new name of the quarter returns the historical significance of this part of Ufa. Infrastructure development included a reconception of Merchant Yard, building high-rise apartment house and business center, construction of a new four-star hotel and creation of public spaces Theater Square and Lenin Square. "Verhniya Torgovaya" – a general brand of the quarter, development objects in its territory have the descriptors and their own logos. The visual system of the brand reflects the idea of a harmonious environment and based on the image of the flower Kurai – the official symbol of Bashkortostan. Subbrands logos differs by the form of sign and the number of it’s lines. Graphical solution provides a basis for creating new versions, if required. Combinations of various infrastructure objects under a general brand of the territory will help to form a new center of life in Ufa, comfortable space for work, leisure and communication.

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