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Northern Caucasus Resorts, rebranding


The highest ski slopes in Europe rediscovering culture and traditions of the Caucasus to the Russians. Management Company "NCRС" develops world's largest mountain tourism project, creates infrastructure and pool of 10 residents resorts located throughout length of the Greater Caucasus ridge. 

Rebranding of the company has included the development of the corporate brand and umbrella brand for all resorts. North Caucasus - the land of natural beauty, has great potential for year-round outdoor activities. Mountain peaks, majestic views, crystal clear air, rare plants and animals, together with extended slopes, varied routes and maximum for the continent height difference for many years were not available for mass tourists. The status of a public company, high speed decision-making, quality and expertise have enabled "NCRС" to create favorable conditions for the residents. The essence of thecorporate brand - the territory of growth - reflects the efforts of the company in strategic development of the region. New logo and visual identity in order to consist with the objective of the brand have become more technologically advanced and active. Professional equipment and maintenance of slopes, the latest machinery and equipment, personnel training by world standards and improving quality of service will help to increase the interest of tourists from all over the world for the diversity of the North Caucasus. The development of an umbrella brand for all resorts summarizes efforts to promote the "Resorts of the North Caucasus." Unified system opens new look at the Caucasus – the heritage of the country, which returns to it. Umbrella brand takes into account the individuality of each Republic or Territory, within the tourist zone, emphasizes their unexplored and interesting features - in culture, architecture, crafts, nature. Complex work of identifying ornamental motifs and elements of national patterns allowed to create authentic signs that carry the spirit of tradition and choose the font solutions in tune with them. Generative design elements applied in corporate identity match modern visual language and emphasize the sporty and vitalising ideas of communications. Logos, style elements and environmental solutions promise modern and carefully to the cultural and environmental potential changes, so necessary to these summits of natural beauty and hospitality.

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