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"Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga", rebranding


Situation: To date, the most prestigious areas of St. Petersburg has been largely exhausted the resource for new development. The structure of the offerings on the market of elite housing is heterogeneous. A good demand flawless designs that offer a balanced solution in terms of location, engineering, stuffing, rational layouts and infrastructure.

Task: To adjust the positioning of the brand "Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga" in the light of market conditions and functional benefits of object placement, update the concept of a unified visual identity and design standards for design presentations under construction. Decision: The center of St. Petersburg is large and very diverse. Always life in the center is not of comfort and prestige. The best places are not much, and the location of objects of Corporation “Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga” confirms their uniqueness. As a single visual image, we proposed a figure of angel from the spire of Peter and Paul Fortress, as the embodiment of Genius loci (Genius of the place – the good genius, spirit-protector). This popular expression has become a brand-date online communications of the company: "Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga" – Genius loci. Construction Corporation "Vozrozhdenie Sankt-Peterburga" – one of the leaders of elite housing of Petersburg. The corporation was founded in 1994 and today ranks among the largest investment and construction companies in Russia, as well as a list of the most reliable builders of St. Petersburg.

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